The Zombie boss is a boss that is an evolution of the zombie, and it is added in The Barry Mod. It appears to be a large zombie with a well-build chest, much like from The mutant creatures. In fact, exactly like it.


Heath points

310 hp (155 hearts)

Attack strength and methods

Method 1

Runs towards you and attacks by swinging its arms. 3-14 hp attack strength.

Method 2

Puts down a gravestone every 10 seconds.

Method 3

Jumps up high and slams down, creating a splash damage radius of 6-9 blocks. 13-21 hp attack strength.


In the Boss realm when a player places a zombie head down, or in creative anywhere if a player uses a Zombie boss spawn egg.

Invulnerable to

Lava, Splash potions of harming, fire, downing, splash potions of poison, splash potions of venom, splash potions of wither.


1 Zombie boss head, 30-65 rotten flesh, 0-1 Hybistanian mysticism.

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