For Alchemy 1.1, I have a few new ideas, which I thought I'd release here. These mainly focus on just getting ways of getting pre-existing potion effects into Minecraft, although two are new and one introduces multiple effects.

  • Haste Potion - brewed with gold nugget (medium)
  • Jumping Potion - brewed with one feather (medium)
  • Nausea Potion - brewed with one rotten flesh (low)
  • Golden Apple Potion - brewed with one golden apple (each kind makes a different version) (high)
  • Ender Potion - Allows the user to teleport by shift-right-clicking, brewed with one enderpearl (high)
  • FallDamage Potion - Prevents fall/enderpearl damage, brewed with one feather and one wool (medium)

In addition, the brewing system is revamped: There will be more than one slot to place items in and both must be put in in order to get a certain potion (ex. for falldamage you must put wool and feathers in at the same time)

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