I'm already starting to plan on 1.1 for the Alchemy idea pack. It is coming along nicely, although I hope to add more potions for the High-power Mixer. Here is what I've planned so far:

  • Withering Potion - brewed with something; Coal and Bones maybe.
  • Beacon potion - acts like a beacon for all players in the vicinity! Brewed with netherstar.
  • Frost potion - freezes things: Gives Frozen, an effect that, well, freezes you in place. However, it makes it so your hunger bar does not deplete. Brewed with ice.
  • Cryogenic potion - Makes it so you move at half movement speed, but your health depletes half of what it usually would and your hunger doesn't deplete. Brewed with Ice, Snow, and Ghast Tear.

I am also adding a new potion system! You brew one ingredient in and it becomes Mundane unless it actually has a result. However, this mundane potion REMEMBERS what you put in, so it will have a little tooltip saying "Add <whatever it is> to make a <whatever potion>!" This will be used for the Cryogenic Potion and Withering Potion, possibly more.


TornadoPhotographer (talk) 20:02, February 1, 2014 (UTC)

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