The Verdant Jungle Biome will be added to Silver's Idea Pack after the Sky Biome. It will be found near jungles and is full of very green vegetation. This biome will have a new boss, structure and mobs. They will all be neutral, even the boss. Here's the coverage so far:


  • Ent King - a powerful neutral mob. Has 500 HP and spawns in the top room of the Guardian Tree. Does 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage on hit, attacks like an iron golem. Drops 12-16 Jungle Wood, 20-22 Sticks, 5-10 Leaves, 1 Jungle Rain Sword and the Tree Club.


  • Tree Club - powerful melee weapon. Does 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage on hit. 678 durability. Causes Slowness I for 15 seconds. Drops from Ent King; uncraftable.
  • Leafbow - craftable ranged weapon; also drops from Ent Archers. Shoots Treebark Arrows. Does 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage on hit. 64 durability.
  • Treebark Arrows - craftable projectiles; also drop from Ent Archers. Do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage on hit.


  • Ent - neutral mob. Spawns in or near the Guardian Tree. Can be traded with; will accept Wheat, Seeds, Carrots, Potatoes, Melon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkins and Melons (both items and blocks) in return for Saplings. Will become aggravated if the player carries Flint and Steel, Torches, Fire Charges, Leaves, Wood, Wood Planks, Sticks, Tree Club, Vines, Leafbow, Treebark Arrows in their hotbar or hits them. Do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage on hit; attack like Iron Golems. Have 40 HP (20 hearts). Drop 1-2 Wood and 3-4 Sticks.
  • Ent Archer - neutral mob. Spawns on branches of Guardian Tree. Will fire at the player if they carry the aforementioned items or hit them. Shoot Treebark Arrows. Drop 1 Leafbow (rare) and 1-3 Treebark Arrows. Have 20 HP and do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage.
  • Living Tree - neutral mob. Aggravated in the same way as Ents. Spawn anywhere in the Verdant Jungle. Do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage on hit; attack like Iron Golem.
  • Tree Spirit - neutral mob. Aggravated in the same way as Ents. Spawn at night in the Verdant Jungle. Do 9px-Heart.svg damage on hit and inflict Poison I for 5 seconds. Have 10 HP.


  • Guardian Tree - huge tree made of Jungle Logs. Branches jut out. Passageways inside. Each limb 2-3 blocks wide and the trunk 6-10 blocks wide. All the aforementioned mobs can spawn here, some only here. Ent King lives at the top.

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