I have decided: the Subterranean Biome will be the next biome for Silver's Idea Pack! This biome will be found underground. Its top will be made of stone and various ores. This biome will have a heightened chance to generate ores, and they can be found higher up. However, a lot of block-breaking monsters inhabit it. Most have x-ray vision and can get through blocks easily.

Mobs Known

  • Driller - small worm-like creature with a drill on its head. Can break most blocks. Drops Stone and Scales.
  • Obsidian Driller - large worm-like creature, made of obsidian, with a drill on its head. Can break all blocks except bedrock, command blocks. Drops Obsidian and Scales.
  • Lava Swimmer - small monster that can swim in lava; inflicts fire when it hits or is hit.


  • Tunneler - very large worm made of brown stone. Has 200 HP. Drops Scales, Stone and Flint.


  • Scale Armor: As strong as iron, less durability.

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