Introducing... the Steppe Biome! It will be added to Silver's Idea Pack AFTER the Grassy Field Biome, Subterranean Biome, Verdant Jungle Biome and Sky Biome. This one will be found near Mesas and Savannas, mainly. It will be a large, fairly steep mountain of a new block: Mountain Stone. This reddish-gray stone can be mined with any pickaxe and drops itself when mined. It will be used for a new tool set. The mountain will be almost staggered, with a cliff, then flat, cliff, then flat. All fires except those lit by Firelighter will be extinguished instantly. Here is the outline:

  • Mountain Stone tools: Stronger than Stone, but with the same damage values. Maybe around 150-170 durability. Crafted in the usual pattern.
  • Tungsten Ore: Stronger than Iron, but weaker than Diamond. Mined with an Iron Pickaxe. Smelted to give 1 Tungsten Ingot.
  • Tungsten tools: Stronger than iron, weaker than diamond. Maybe 800 or so durability. Same damage values as Diamond. No sword.
  • Saber: Tungsten weapon. Crafted with 2 Tungsten and 1 Stick.
  • Firelighter: Has double durability of Flint and Steel. Will be uncraftable; drop from Mongol Warlord. Fire placed will not be extinguished in Steppe.

All Mongols will attack Villagers. They will attack and be attacked by hostile mobs as well.

  • Mongol: Humanoid mob wielding a Saber. Drops Saber, Leather Tunic (both rare) and Leather when killed.
  • Mongol Cavalry: Mongol mounted on Horse. Drops Saber, Leather Tunic (both rare) and Leather when killed. Horse comes pre-tamed.
  • Mongol Archer: Mongol with Bow. Drops Bow, Leather Tunic (both rare), Arrows and Leather.
  • Mongol Warlord: Mongol with full Iron Armor. Mounted. Wields Saber. Will exchange for Bow in second part of fight. Can summon Mongols of all types. 100 HP (weaker than most bosses, almost miniboss). Drops Saber, Iron Armor, Leather, Bow, Saddle, Firelighter and Arrows.

So what do you think? What should I add? Enjoy!

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