As any of you who looked at my last blogpost will know, I was planning to do the Sky Biome quite a bit later than I plan to now. The Ghostly Biome is almost done (thankfully); I just need to handle the Lich, its drops and the Control Device. I have changed plans: I will be working on the Sky Biome next! This biome will be an immense island in the sky with aerial mobs. You'd better be able to fly if you're going up here. It will NOT be a separate dimension like the Aether, but it will be pretty large.

The Sky Biome's boss is going to be the Winged Archer. It is the first humanoid boss and WILL NOT BEAR ANY RESEMBLANCE TO CUPID. This creature can fly and shoots a variety of deadly arrows. It will drop the Hawkstrike and a variety of arrow types, which can also be crafted. These include Explosive Arrows, Flaming Arrows, Void Arrows and Thunder Arrows.

On a nice note, one new biome is planned: the Skull Biome. This idea is only a MAYBE; I may scrap it in favor of another option.

Merry Christmas,


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