As many of you know, I am working on Silver's Idea Pack. It will be divided into different biomes, each of which I will cover before moving on to the next. Here is what I have planned so far:

  • Structures
    • Mountain Man's Shack (done)
    • Miner's Tunnel
  • Dead Forest Biome
    • Corrupting Spirit branch (done)
    • Dying Ent and Ghost Tree branch
    • Wood branch
    • Weapons branch
  • Ghost Forest Biome
  • Ghost Fortress branch
  • Ghost Block branch
  • Mobs branch
  • Weapons branch
  • Verdant Jungle Biome
    • Ent Valley branch
    • Ent branch
    • Ent King branch
    • Weapons branch
  • Volcano Biome
    • Blocks branch
    • Volcanic Mobs branch
    • Volcano branch
    • Weapons branch
  • Arctic Biome
    • Eskimo branch
    • Snow Mobs branch
    • Weapons branch

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