I have actually REMOVED the Arctic and Volcano biomes! They will not be present in Silver's Idea Pack. I may be convinced to add the Volcano Biome again, but only if you're really convincing. However, the good news is that I have put in two biomes to replace them: The Grass Field Biome and the Steppe Biome. Both will be open biomes. I will explain the Grass Field in hazy detail:

  • The Grass Field Biome will have lots of Doubletall Grass, making it hard to see around.
  • A new tool, the Machete, will be implemented. It does the same damage as an Iron Sword and can cut through grass in a 3x3 square around the impact spot. Crafted with 1 Stick and 3 Iron Ingots
  • A new weapon: Grass Chakram. Crafted with 8 Tall Grass and is throwable. Does 3 damage on hit.
  • New weapon: Blowgun. Shoots Darts. Does 3 damage on hit and inflicts Poison I for 5 seconds. Crafted with 3 Tall Grass.
  • Darts. Crafted with 1 Spider Eye and one Stick. Ammo for the Blowgun.
  • Mobs: Grass Snake (WIP), Whirlwind (WIP), Grassland Spirit (WIP).
  • Basilisk (boss, WIP)

Enjoy! I will add more as time passes.

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