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  • SilverHexxitFights

    Steppe Biome

    January 23, 2014 by SilverHexxitFights

    Introducing... the Steppe Biome! It will be added to Silver's Idea Pack AFTER the Grassy Field Biome, Subterranean Biome, Verdant Jungle Biome and Sky Biome. This one will be found near Mesas and Savannas, mainly. It will be a large, fairly steep mountain of a new block: Mountain Stone. This reddish-gray stone can be mined with any pickaxe and drops itself when mined. It will be used for a new tool set. The mountain will be almost staggered, with a cliff, then flat, cliff, then flat. All fires except those lit by Firelighter will be extinguished instantly. Here is the outline:

    • Mountain Stone tools: Stronger than Stone, but with the same damage values. Maybe around 150-170 durability. Crafted in the usual pattern.
    • Tungsten Ore: Stronger than …
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  • SilverHexxitFights

    Big News!

    January 22, 2014 by SilverHexxitFights

    I have actually REMOVED the Arctic and Volcano biomes! They will not be present in Silver's Idea Pack. I may be convinced to add the Volcano Biome again, but only if you're really convincing. However, the good news is that I have put in two biomes to replace them: The Grass Field Biome and the Steppe Biome. Both will be open biomes. I will explain the Grass Field in hazy detail:

    • The Grass Field Biome will have lots of Doubletall Grass, making it hard to see around.
    • A new tool, the Machete, will be implemented. It does the same damage as an Iron Sword and can cut through grass in a 3x3 square around the impact spot. Crafted with 1 Stick and 3 Iron Ingots
    • A new weapon: Grass Chakram. Crafted with 8 Tall Grass and is throwable. Does 3 damage on …
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  • SilverHexxitFights

    The Verdant Jungle Biome will be added to Silver's Idea Pack after the Sky Biome. It will be found near jungles and is full of very green vegetation. This biome will have a new boss, structure and mobs. They will all be neutral, even the boss. Here's the coverage so far:

    • Ent King - a powerful neutral mob. Has 500 HP and spawns in the top room of the Guardian Tree. Does  damage on hit, attacks like an iron golem. Drops 12-16 Jungle Wood, 20-22 Sticks, 5-10 Leaves, 1 Jungle Rain Sword and the Tree Club.

    • Tree Club - powerful melee weapon. Does  damage on hit. 678 durability. Causes Slowness I for 15 seconds. Drops from Ent King; uncraftable.
    • Leafbow - craftable ranged weapon; also drops from Ent Archers. Shoots Treebark Arrows. Does  damage on h…

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  • SilverHexxitFights

    I have decided: the Subterranean Biome will be the next biome for Silver's Idea Pack! This biome will be found underground. Its top will be made of stone and various ores. This biome will have a heightened chance to generate ores, and they can be found higher up. However, a lot of block-breaking monsters inhabit it. Most have x-ray vision and can get through blocks easily.

    • Driller - small worm-like creature with a drill on its head. Can break most blocks. Drops Stone and Scales.
    • Obsidian Driller - large worm-like creature, made of obsidian, with a drill on its head. Can break all blocks except bedrock, command blocks. Drops Obsidian and Scales.
    • Lava Swimmer - small monster that can swim in lava; inflicts fire when it hits or is hit.

    • Tunneler -…

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  • SilverHexxitFights

    Sky Biome Startup

    December 26, 2013 by SilverHexxitFights

    As any of you who looked at my last blogpost will know, I was planning to do the Sky Biome quite a bit later than I plan to now. The Ghostly Biome is almost done (thankfully); I just need to handle the Lich, its drops and the Control Device. I have changed plans: I will be working on the Sky Biome next! This biome will be an immense island in the sky with aerial mobs. You'd better be able to fly if you're going up here. It will NOT be a separate dimension like the Aether, but it will be pretty large.

    The Sky Biome's boss is going to be the Winged Archer. It is the first humanoid boss and WILL NOT BEAR ANY RESEMBLANCE TO CUPID. This creature can fly and shoots a variety of deadly arrows. It will drop the Hawkstrike and a variety of arrow typ…

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