You have 40 lapiz, you have 40 exp bars. What do you do with those things? Have you ever wanted a new fresh set of armor that has NO durabilty bar? Also it can't be crafted or traded with villagers. Have you ever wanted buffs that last forever? If you do, then make a simple transformation table!!!


How do you craft it? You craft a transformation table by placing a gold block in the middle slot and the bottom-middle slot, the place two diamonds on the left and right middle slot. And an obsidian block on the left and right bottom slots. The finale thing to do is...

place a book in the top middle slot. Happy transforming!


You will have 4 class-change options when ready.

  • a gladiator
  • a knight
  • a warrior
  • a ranger

You can also transform more than once.


Steve the noob (author) (who I got the idea from)


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