The Swither is a boss that can be spawned anywhere. He is spawned with four stone blocks and three skeleton heads in the same form as the wither. The Swither looks like the wither only he is in a white skeleton form. The left and right heads will shoot skulls that explode for five minutes! the middle skull will launch skulls that explode for ten minutes! The Swither is very hard to kill. whatever you do don't spawn him by your house or he will probably use his skulls to blow it up!

the fight and more information

The swither has no mercy so you might want to bring some food. He will attack you every chance he gets. If he's weak he will launch skulls nonstop! You are going to need enchanted diamond armor for this fight. the swither can only spawn at night if you try to spawn him at day it wont work.


TNT cannon

The Swither

to be continued...

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