The Shadow Skull is a boss that will spawn by holding up a diamond shell. You craft it by placing a diamond in the middle slot of a crafting table, then surround it by quarts. Once you summoned it, an explosion will happen with black smoke and black skulls will fly in every direction. Then a black skull (sort of like a wither skull, but darker, and it has red eyes) will appear, it will shoot some skulls every once and a while, they look like wither skulls. And 1 out of 3, he will shoot a supercharged skull. It makes an explosion twice as big as a normal skull. The Shadow Skull is about the size of a chest. It will drop a corrupted diamond, (a diamond that looks purple) it can be used to make a bunch of different things, like:

  1. tools
  2. bows
  3. arrows
  4. armor
  5. blocks
  6. corrupted beacons

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