The Marsh Biome is very similar to the swamp biome, although it contains a ton of tall grass, and dangerous mobs, take creepers for example. The waters of the Marsh Biome are brownish green and contain lily pads, to. Squids also live there, so do skeletons, zombies, and spiders, dark oak trees are found there, to. The skeletons are brownish, and are called "Marsh Skeletons", and always carry an iron sword instead of a bow. They are taller than a wither skeleton, but homes will not stop them because they crash through walls. They are very dangerous mobs and one horn grows on both sides, like a bull, their swords are big, to. altough a marsh skeleton is strong, it doesent have to much health, only 16 health. The rest of the mobs that live in The Marsh Biome are just rusty and dirty. There is even an ore you can find called "ectro ore", it is three times as rare as emralds, and can be used to make an "ectro reaction", witch kills all mobs around you, and also makes you invinsible for one week in real life! The way to make an ectro reaction is to place three ectro ore on the ground, stacked on eachother, then in three seconds in real life, an ectro reaction will form. 6 Ectro Reactions will generate an ectro sword, witch is a green sword that does 1000 times more damage than a diamond sword! Even though The Marsh Biome contains a lot of cool stuff, it is rather a dangerous biome, sometimes when you make an Ectro Reaction, it can even kill you! or if you attack a Marsh skeleton it will crash through walls and chase you!


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