You thought the Ender Dragon was scary? Meet The Dragon Storm! With a mind-blowing 1000 HP, The Dragon Storm has three heads that look like the Ender Dragon's It has four giant wing and shoots a "super powered charge ball" which makes an explosion twice as big as a super-charged creeper!

Summoning The Dragon Storm will contain a command block, two shulker shells, and a beacon! Here's how to Summon it:

  1. craft a storm block by placing 2 shulker shells in a crafting table (one one the top and one on the bottom) and the command block in the middle
  2. power the beacon and place it down
  3. place the storm block down on top of the beacon
  4. And observe!

The Dragon Storm will be summoned!

The attack methods of the Dragon Storm are:

making it look scary

breathing hot fire (1 hp damage)

and that's about it.

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