Shadow Fragment

Shadow Shards, added by the Nether Expansion idea pack, are used in the crafting of Assassin Armor and Shadow Swords. They can be obtained either from dead Demon Assassins or from the rare Shadow Ore. Shadow Fragments are small, jagged purple items that look as if they had been broken off a Shadow Sword. They can also be crafted into Shadow Blocks.


  • 9 in a square makes 1 Shadow Block
  • 2 and 1 Stick makes 1 Shadow Sword
  • 8 makes 1 Assassin Tunic
  • 7 makes 1 Assassin Pants
  • 5 makes 1 Assassin Hood
  • 4 makes 1 Assassin Boots

How to obtain

  • Kill Demon Assassins (50% chance)
  • Kill Wraiths (50% chance)
  • Mine Shadow Ore

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