Seadrus is a mob that
  • Seadrus appearing in the Creeper Hive
  • Seadrus's Blade
  • Seadrus's Head (Item form - if made into a mod, will be retextured to actually look like his head)
  • Seadrus's Head #2
  • Zombies don't like Seadrus - they'll kill him, if they get the chance - A rare occasion on which a zombie with the item tag acquired all of the drops of Seadrus
  • A friend of mine wearing the Seadrus drops (no head)
  • Another picture of the zombie
appears in the Creeper Hive. He is the supposed 'king of creepers'. Upon killing, he has a chance of dropping the following items:

The Seadrus mob has 9px-Heart.svg x10 (20 health), just like us. He always spawns with Health Boost XXXXV (45), gaining 180 hearts (equivalent to the Ender Dragon's Health). He will use his sword to attack, and, every minute, he will explode, losing ten hearts. The explosion is equivalent to twenty TNTs going off. Every two minutes, Seadrus will stop, and raise his hands. He will summon apx. twenty creepers, and will not explode the next minute.

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