Rhinos are herbivores, so in Minecraft, they would eat leaves or saplings. A rhino won't hurt you, unless, you attack them, normally they will attack with their teeth or horns. There are five species of the rhino, Javan, Sumatran, Indian, White, and Black. You can also find ancient rhino fossils, if you find one, a message will pop up, telling you what kind of fossil it is, for instance, if you find a woolly rhino fossil, the message will say you found one of them.


Rhinos will eat fruit, grass, or leaves, although they like fruit the most. Rhinos will not eat meat since they are vegetarians. The young rhinos (rhino calves) will only drink milk, they will refuse to eat anything else.


Rhino calves grow slowly, they take an entire week in the game! The calves go through three stances of growth, first it is small and doesn't have a horn, then in three and a half days (in the game), a stub will begin to form, finally, the calve is fully grown, and has a horn.


There are five species of the rhino, Black, White, Javan, Sumatran, and Indian Rhinos. Black Rhinos charge, or attack more often. White Rhinos have the longest horns, Indian Rhinos are around the largest, Sumatran Rhinos have hair all over their bodies, Javan Rhinos have one horn, like Indian Rhinos.


With an old rusty shovel, and perfect land, you might run into a totally awesome rhino fossil. Some rhino fossils are small, while others can be humongous, some are just normal. If you find a rhino fossil, a message will pop up telling you what type of fossil you found, like if you found a woolly rhino fossil, or a twin horned rhino fossil, the message would tell you what species you found.

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