Netherite Tools are most likely the strongest tools in Minecraft Expansion (Not counting Insta-Pick and Flame Sword.) until you reach the Ender Edition.


They are crafted with Netherite Ingots except are extremely frustrating to make.

Axe: Surrond a Diamond Axe with Netherite Ingots

Pickaxe: Surrond a Diamond Pickaxe and a Netherite Axe with Netherite Ingots

Hoe: Surrond a whole row of Diamond Hoes with Netherite Ingots

Shovel: Usual shape with Netherite Ingots and sticks.


The Axe can chop a wood block with 1 hit. Has high durability.

The Pickaxe can mine any ore up to Netherite Ore in 1 hit. Has medium durability.

The Hoe instantly waters any space you right click on. Extremely  High durability.

The Shovel digs any dirt/gravel/whatever instantly. Extremely High durability.

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