This is from Minecraft Expansion (Nether Edition), it adds a brand new dungeon and drops and enemies!


This dungeon is made from Netherite Bricks in a layout which is a mix between the Nether Castles and Ocean Monuments. It has 5 different segments: The maze, the trap, the boss room, the miniboss room and the loot room (Very rare).


Theres a ton of enemies you may encounter in this dungeon:


You can find all of this loot:

Diamonds, Netherite Ingots, Netherite Blocks, Netherite Armor, Netherite Tools, Flame Gear, any boss spawn egg from Crazycraft (If the mod is used with it) and a Repairing Station. Gold, Iron and any other Vanilla ore.

Available Achivements

  • Dragon Slayer: Defeat the Flame Dragon (Requires: Miniboss Slayer)
  • Miniboss Slayer: Defeat the Giant Netherite Guardian (Requires: Repairing 101)
  • Repairing 101: Go to the netherite dungeon and get a Repairing Station!

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