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The Necromancer is a miniboss added by Silver's Idea Pack. It spawns in Ghostly Biomes quite rarely (about 1/4 as rarely as Witches) at night or can be found in the Ghost Fortress (four, one for each tower). They have 15 health, making them quite frail, but have many abilities that make them very dangerous.

In the Ghost Fortress, each Necromancer has its own name, which will be displayed above it (wild ones do not have this). The one in the southern tower is called Samlheim; the west is Wilheim; the north is Niflheim; and the east is Elheim. Each drops a different staff.


  • Shoot arrow (all)
  • Give self Regeneration I, Speed I and Fire Resistance for 30 seconds (all)
  • Launch Ghast fireball (Wilheim)
  • Teleport (Elheim)
  • Become invisible (Elheim)
  • Summon Zombies (Samlheim)
  • Summon Skeletons (Samlheim)
  • Summon Wither Skeletons (Samlheim)
  • Summon Revenants (Samlheim)
  • Break all blocks beneath the player's feet (Niflheim)


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