I have some ideas for Minecraft, not just any ideas, Update ideas. For example, when you whack a mob then blood will appear, just like when you hit a block some specks spray out. If you kill a mob it will just fall down, not poof, the drops will still be there to collect. Also it's probably a good idea to add more animals too Minecraft such as rhinos, goats, zebras, and monkeys. Also stoves and TV and other items for a house should be added. also how about a new biome or dimension? Like maybe marshes or another nether, AKA the underworld. Also I think that a thirst bar is a cool thing to add, or a speed bar. Also what if...

there was a new boss

if super crafting tables were added (6x6) slots

custom blocks were added

if you have any ideas for updates then feel free to add them too this page.

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