Moldable Sword

The Moldable Sword, introduced by the More Swords idea pack, is a chancy weapon. When it is first crafted, it will do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg of damage and have 60 durability points, but, for every 10 its durability goes down, it will change the amount of damage it does. Here's a chart to tell what the chances are of each amount of damage:

Damage % Chance
9px-Half Heart.svg (1) 10%
9px-Heart.svg (2) 30%
9px-Heart.svg9px-Half Heart.svg (3) 20%
9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg (4) 20%
9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Half Heart.svg (5) 10%
9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Half Heart.svg (7) 5%
9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg (10) 5%


It is crafted with 2 Mud on top of 1 Stick.

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