The Miner's Stash is a very rare structure, added by the GEMS! idea pack, that generates below level 16 underground. It appears to have once been the stash for a miner, as many riches are stashed there.

Loot Chest Contents

  • Coal (100% chance)
  • Iron Ingot (80% chance)
  • Redstone (75% chance)
  • Lapis Lazuli (60% chance)
  • Gold Ingot (50% chance)
  • Ruby (45% chance)
  • Sapphire (45% chance)
  • Topaz (45% chance)
  • Emerald (20% chance)
  • Diamond (15% chance)

Gem Block

Each Stash will have a block made of some gem. Here are the chances of each one:

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