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Welcome to Minecraft Fan Ideas Wiki

a Have you ever thought of new items that just had to be brought to Minecraft, but didn't have the programming knowledge or connections to make a mod? Well, here you can share all your thoughts with the public. There might just be a chance that someone might make your idea into a mod. Turn yourself loose and edit as much or as little as you want, so long as it obeys the wiki rules!

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  • new page Silver (The Barry Mod)
    created by Harribarry101
    New page: Silver is an Ore and Ingots that can be crafted into tools. The sword is Iron +1 on the Weapon scale. It appears to be a ore with a silver colour...
  • edit Zombie boss (The Barry Mod)
    edited by Harribarry101 diff
    Summary: Stats:
  • edit Zombie boss (The Barry Mod)
    edited by Harribarry101 diff
  • new page Zombie boss (The Barry Mod)
    created by Harybarry101
    New page: The Zombie boss is a boss that is an evolution of the zombie, and it is added in The Barry Mod. It appears to be a large zombie with a well-build...
  • new page The Barry Modification
    created by Harybarry101
    New page: The Barry Modification (more commonly known as "The Barry Mod") is a pack that introduces anything you can think of from portal guns to moon rockets...
  • new page The Shadow Skull
    created by Awesomepro5000
    New page: The Shadow Skull is a boss that will spawn by holding up a diamond shell. You craft it by placing a diamond in the middle slot of a crafting table,...

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  • new page Transformation Table
    created by Awesomepro5000
    New page: Introduction Edit You have 40 lapiz, you have 40 exp bars. What do you do with those things? Have you ever wanted a new fresh set of armor that has...
    Summary: It's a bird, it's a plane, IT'S A TRANSFORMATION TABLE
  • discussion page hi
    comment by M3wzy
    Comment: No cuz this wiki is abandoned. Just don't vandalize.
  • edit The Dragon Storm
    edited by Awesomepro5000 diff
  • new page User blog:Pvz loklok/hi
    posted by Pvz loklok
    New blog: hi,I am Chun Lok .This wiki is all new to me , is there something I need to know about?
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