Leaf Armor, part of the More Armor ideas pack, is a Minecraft idea and is crafted from leaves. It is very weak, but does have one special property: invisibility to mobs.


Leaf Armor offers a total of 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg in protection. Each piece offers only 18px-Half Armor.svg


Invisibility increases with the amount of armor you wear. This is a list of how far away hostile mobs can spot you depending on how much Leaf Armor you wear.

  • No armor: 16 blocks (100 for Ghasts)
  • 1 piece: 10 blocks (75 for Ghasts)
  • 2 pieces: 7 blocks (50 for Ghasts)
  • 3 pieces: 4 blocks (25 for Ghasts)
  • 4 pieces: 0 blocks


Leaf Armor does have some disadvantages. When a player wearing any Leaf Armor is set on fire, the fire will burn for twice as long and do twice the damage to them. Beware! 

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