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Jeff's Sword is the most powerful sword added by MCC Wiki Pack. It can be obtained by beating Spy's Tree.

Special Abilities

  • Blocking with Jeff's Sword causes 2-4 spinning miniature Diamond Swords to shoot out and damage opponents for 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg per hit.
  • The sword inflicts Weakness II, Slowness II and Poison II on targets hit.
  • When the sword is swung, but does not directly hit something, it will shoot out a ghostly image of itself that flies straight until it hits something and will do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage.
  • On a basic swing, the sword does 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage.

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