The Insectia Mod is a slightly more realistic version of the Erebus mod. It adds a dimension with giant bugs.

The portal is made by stone and is lit with flint and steel. This mod was imagined by Littlebat10.


Black Ant: Neutral in packs: 10 health: does 1 heart damage: drops compound eyes.

Fire Ant: Neutral in packs: 10 health: does 1 heart damage: drops compound eyes.

Both Ants have a chance of spawning with wings.

Bee: Neutral And Tamable: does 5 hearts damage: Drops Wings, and compound eyes: tamed with any flower.

Fly: Passive: 10 Health: drops wings and compound eyes

Black Widow: Hostile: 20 health: does 5 heart damage with chance of poison effect: drops poison.

Tarantula: Hostile: 25 health: does 6 heart damage: drops poison.

Stag Beetle: Neutral: 30 health: does 10 heart damage: drops Stag Antlers.

Wasp: Neutral: 30 health: does 5 heart damage: drops wasp sting and compound eyes.

Bee Beetle: Passive: 20 health: looks just like bee, but is harmless, has no stinger, and is a bit brighter colored: Drops compound eyes.

Weevil: Passive: 20 health: drops dirt, bone meal, and coarse dirt.

Dragonfly: Neutral: 10 health: does 2 hearts damage: drops compound eyes.

Mosquito: Hostile: 10 health: does 5 points damage.

Snail: Passive: 5 health: drops Snail Shell.

Cockroach: Passive: 10 health: drops wings.

Beetle: Passive: health 20.

Hornet: Neutral: 35: does 5 heart damage: drops hornet sting and compound eyes.

Dungeons and Structures

Ant Nest: Series of tunnels under the ground: has neutral Ant Queen Boss in center.

Giant Trees.

Bee Hive: Honey Combs in rows in giant trees.

Wasp/Hornet Nest: Paper Block Cones in giant trees: hornets nest is slightly larger than wasp nest.

Spider Web: Large series of cobwebs with spiders spawning inside.

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