Demon Smith

Demon Smiths, added by the Nether Expansion idea pack, are mobs that are found in the basements of Demon Castles near Anvils and Furnaces. The Furnaces are often loaded. Demon Smiths have 20 health and wield a Steel Hammer as a weapon. They do 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg damage per hit. They also wear a Steel Helmet and Steel Chestplate, giving them a little extra resilience.


  • 1-2 Iron Ingots (50% chance)
  • 1-2 Gold Ingots (25% chance)
  • 1-2 Steel Ingots (25% chance)
  • 1 Steel Helmet (2.5% chance)
  • 1 Steel Chestplate (2.5% chance)