Demon Assassins spawn rarely in Demon Castles, introduced by the Nether Expansion idea pack. They are extremely deadly. They have only 14 health, but make up for it in other abilities. They wield a Shadow Sword and wear full Assassin Armor. They may also throw Splash Potions of Poison at the player.


  • Twice as fast as the player
  • Can turn invisible
  • Can teleport (32 blocks max)
  • Have permanent Regeneration I effect


  • 1 Shadow Fragment (50% chance)
  • 1 Splash Potion of Poison (50% chance)
  • 1 Shadow Sword (2.5% chance)
  • 1 Assassin Hood (2.5% chance)
  • 1 Assassin Tunic (2.5% chance)
  • 1 Assassin Pants (2.5% chance)
  • 1 Assassin Boots (2.5% chance)
  • 1 Assassin's Knife (2.5% chance)


  • Although they appear to have an Assassin's Knife in their belt, they do not use it.

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