Quest for the Diamond Vein is an idea pack created by CaveDiamondCarrot. It focuses on one thing: the secret vein of nearly unlimited diamonds that rests at the heart of a Minecraft world. However, one must search to find it.

Official description:

Miners have always wanted to own diamonds - those blue gems that enable travel to a hellish world, power beacons, kill creatures of the night...

And there is one source that could rival all the diamond veins in the world of Minecraftia. It is known as the Vein of Unlimited Diamonds, but most believe it is only a legend. 

If it is not, however, it would grant the finder immeasurable wealth and power. 

But how to find it?

This idea pack consists of several items that make it much easier to find the Vein. It also has one new boss. 

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