Machinated Minecraft is an idea pack created by Seadrus and SilverHexxitFights. It involves the crafting of many new items to make Minecraft more automatic and easy. This idea pack is WIP; however, crafting recipes for now are found here.

  • Gives Resistance
  • Gives Water Breathing
  • Gives 10 levels of experience
  • Gives flying for 20 seconds
  • Grows twice as fast as other saplings
  • For crafting Wood
  • For powering machines
  • Can tow in mobs. Range 5 when unpowered, 20 when powered.
  • For crafting machines
  • Can bring power through solid blocks
  • Mob spawner is power source
  • Brews potions instantly
  • Collapses when walked on, dropping 1-3 Sticks
  • Drops mushrooms every 30 seconds
  • Drops mushrooms every 30 seconds

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