Assassin Armor

Assassin Armor is an armor set added by the More Armor idea pack. It is the armor counterpart to the Shadow Sword and is crafted in the usual fashion with Shadow Fragments. When worn, a full set of Shadow Armor provides as much protection as Diamond Armor and has a few notable advantages.


The more Assassin Armor is worn, the closer a mob has to be to take notice of the player. Here's a chart. Note that, if their hitboxes collide, mobs will notice a player.

# of pieces Distance seen from
0 16 (100 for Ghasts)
1 12 (75 for Ghasts)
2 8 (50 for Ghasts)
3 4 (25 for Ghasts)
4 0

Ender Pearl Effect

When a full set of Shadow Armor is worn, the player will not take damage from using Ender Pearls to teleport. In addition, two Ender Pearls must be used before 1 is taken from the player's supply.

How to obtain